Nubay Fabrics Go Digital
Innovative. Ingenious. Impressive.
What Does Digital mean?

Digital Nubay pushes the limits of creativity with HD graphics and full color, photo-realistic prints on the same feather-soft canvas you've come to know and love.

​ The incomparable softness of our Nubay™ fabrics didn't happen by accident. Our innovative research and development efforts have led us across the globe in search of the perfect blend of compounds and materials that now comprise our proprietary yarns. But ingenuity isn't enough, so we partner exclusively with factories who maintain the highest production standards and use only the newest technologies to bring you a blanket of a softness and quality unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Superior in quality, texture and durability

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School Division

Order amazing, silky soft Nubay Plush™.Mascot Blankets for your school. It’s Fast, It’s Easy, and promotes.

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Specialty Division

Bring awareness to your cause by offering a bold, warm and incredibly soft Nubay blankets. Blankets with Wow Factor!

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Corporate Division

Promote your brand and team unity in a bright new way with vibrant Nubay Plush™ blankets bearing your company logo.

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Licensed Division

Offer superior quality Nubay Plush™ blankets that celebrate your unique licensed characters, events.

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Why Blankets?

It’s simple: when you offer a better product, you have happier end buyers. A collectible keepsake that strengthens alumni ties, enhances school spirit; a product that keeps your customers coming back year after year.

Best of all, a no-hassle product that you’ll be proud to offer, and produces the profits you need, right now.

Add decals to your order for even more sales?

Spirit Sticks are the perfect addition to any order for quick and easy profits. Match your blanket design or create something new for all your clubs.

All pre-paid orders receive our incredible Spirit Sticks decals, absolutely free. By selling your Spirit Sticks at the recommended price of $10 each, you'll offset a large portion of your initial order cost, and in some cases cover it entirely. Many schools sell out of their Spirit Sticks in only days.

Use Blankets For
  • Senior graduation gifts
  • Teacher appreciation gifts
  • Team memorabilia
  • Spirit store merchandise
  • Booster club charity events
  • School spirit flags to wave at games
  • Buy at wholesale to raise funds
ALL advantages

So soft. So vibrant. Easy to sell.


Pet hair and stain resistant. Machine wash on cold then lay flat to dry.


Long-lasting polyester blend with vibrant colors. Not susceptible to pilling.


Quality custom design choices with YOUR mascot or logo.


Super comfy for indoor & outdoor events. Comes with easy-to-carry tote bag.

Superior in quality, texture and durability - Watch to learn more

See what our customers are saying

"I've been through all kinds of programs; cookie dough, gift wrap, coupon books... I just love the way GroupRateIt is set up; I haven't had to do anything. All I had to do was say 'yes'... The quality is amazing! I've never experienced an easier way to raise money for my school."

Traverse Mountain Elementary - Principal Stevens

I'm happy to say I received the Spirit Wraps and I LOVE THEM. I'm working very hard to promote this project. The school is excited and also the Senior sponsors and students. I'm currently visiting staff meetings and my church members are also involved. It's going to be successful.

- Anthony Coleman, AL

I couldn’t believe how quickly they sold out. We’re not a big school, but we’re already on our fourth order in two years!

- Alex Christensen, TX

We sold ours at our football games, and they were gone so fast that we had to turn around and order more 2 weeks later. Your customer support is awesome. Thank you for the great product and service!

- Troy Terkelson, AR
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